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The service is exactly what it sounds like. You've written a book and need an experienced set of eyes to evaluate it before it goes to print.


I offer a thorough analysis of problematic areas in your work, from prose to structure and everything in between. If a line of dialogue rings false, or a character behaves in a manner that stretches the reader's credibility, or the ending is too rushed and/or contradicts what comes before, I'll not only find it, I'll also offer advice on how best to fix it.

Once your detailed analysis is delivered, I will also make myself available for ongoing consultation until the book is where you need it to be.


  • 1 - 199 pages: $8.00 (per double-spaced page)

  • 200+ pages: $6.00 (per double-spaced page)

  • First Fifty Pages Critique: $300 

To book your critique, or for further information, drop me a line via the contact page.

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